About Us

We are the Red Dirt Hunting Club of Oklahoma, a group of like-minded individuals with a love of the outdoors and hunting, see our purpose below.  For 2023/24 we will have over 10,625 acres leased for our members, comprising over 505 acres per member. Our hunting leases are with-in the area of Freedom, OK and include camping area with water near by.  We are a member oriented hunting club and NOT a business!  We have no employees or overhead and are run directly by the membership that openly elects officials.  All dues collected go to hunting leases and members are expected to volunteer 2 days a year to help improve the hunting club.

All hunting club members have the right to reserve and hunt any of the properties the club has leased, year-round for all game in season. We use an online reservation system to reserve hunting areas and to report your harvest. Harvest data is available online for all members to review. We have Single Memberships for $2000.00 annually and Family Membership for $2400.00 annually. The Family Membership allows the member’s spouse, children and grandchildren, to utilize the leases. Children up to the age of 23 are under your family membership.

We operate openly, with membership voting on all decisions after discussions at our monthly meeting that is open to all hunting club members.

Membership is limited.  If you have any questions about our club, or are interested in joining, go the “Contact Us” tab to get our email address, or a phone number to one of our members, where we will invite you to attend one of our monthly meetings to familiarize yourself with the hunting club and members to ensure we are compatible with one another.


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1. To form a club of people with common interest in hunting sports, with the primary focus on Deer and Waterfowl hunting, that conducts all its business in a transparent manner, while respecting each other, the game we pursue, and the land that we use.

2. Improve the land that we utilize for both game and nongame animals.

3. Maintain relationships that reflect positively on the hunting sports with landowners, community, and potential new hunters.

5. Promote hunting safety and ethics.

6. Train new and young hunters in the safe and ethical pursuit of game.

7. Foster and promote the hunting sports.

8. Promote hunter safety, and promote and defend hunting as a viable and necessary method of fostering the conservation and wise use of renewable wildlife resources.

9. Members are encouraged to practice Quality Deer Management.