The Hunt

These are some of the stories from our 2013-14 season.



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From the smiles observed, I would say the kids enjoyed the 2013 youth season.  Everyone saw deer.  Caden and Summer harvested deer.  Summer harvested this big 8 pointer on Friday evening and then shot a coyote and a doe on Saturday.  Annie Oakley needs to step aside; there is a new sharpshooter in town. 

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As part of conservation and land management efforts, the club held a "First to 4" doe harvest contest.  Congratulations to Mike for being the First to 4.  What did Mike win?  Well, you have to be member to find out!

Opening morning of duck season was very exciting, especially after a couple years of drought.  The clock could not move fast enough as hundreds of ducks were splashing down with minutes to go.  Once shooting time hit, it was on!  Duck season proved to be the best the club has ever had!

Carl almost let this one get away, and had the video to prove it.  After strapping a camera to his muzzleloader he missed this 10 point twice, only to have it come back the next evening.  He made the shot then, but could not locate it that night.  The next morning it was right where he left off, but still alive, it took off and Carl was able to make the harvesting shot.  It made for a great story at our end of season fellowship dinner.

 David was able to take his first ever bow turkey.  After seeing a big group behind him, including several Toms, they start passing right beside him in single file, but the Toms were not there now.  He did not know where they went so he took a shot at the last hen in the line.  The Toms had passed on the other side and were now in full strut 20 yards away for the next half hour.

Jay did not care about the $20 broadhead when this coyote came by, he was more worried about conservation... and winning the coyote contest.

Dave was able to bring this goose to his table with a 20 gauge.  It was causing a solar eclipse and had to be eradicated.  That is one big goose!

Trey was wearing his lucky hat when this knobby monster came by. Everyday is a great day to be in the woods, especially when your lucky hat works!


Brandon got tired of looking at pictures of this big guy and took action.  He finally got the right wind for his set up and his patience paid off, harvesting what he said is his biggest buck to date. After field dressing the deer he got another jolt of excitement when another buck confronted him at less than 10 ft.  The second buck was obviously in full rut and was looking for the doe that brought in the first deer. Brandon couldn't recall the size or number of ponts on the second deer but at 10 ft said all he could see was horns.  He was having visions of getting run through by a rut crazed buck.  After that encounter came trying to get his trophy out of the bottom of the canyon he died in. Luckily he's in a great club where we all help one another.  A quick text to Jay and using a winch and couple links of rope he got the monster out of the bottom without much fuss.  Great Job Brandon.   


Don't mess with the husband and wife duo of Trey and Debbie.  Their definition of date night is a nice duck hunt!


Brett was able to harvest this big doe while hunting with his uncle out of a club stand.  The youth hunter made a good shot that dropped the doe right in its tracks.  He has family bragging rights now, as he was the first in his family to harvest a deer on club land.

Gregory did not know if this was a hog or if something escaped from the zoo.  It was a big and ugly pig.  He harvested it in Woodward county, along the Cimmaron River.


Cody and his boys had a great season and put the club skinning pole to good use, harvesting 4 deer on club land and 2 on state draw hunts.  He was able to donate some of the venison to the Hunters Against Hunger progam.


Sean picked up right where he left off last season, harvesting 2 more monster bucks including this great muley.  He is getting married soon, so luckily he will have someone to help him with the taxidermy bills!

Zane was able to harvest two canvasbacks on a slow duck day.  He was the first hunter to harvest ducks off of our new 10 acre pond. Another youth hunter getting in on the action!


If you run in to Cody or Pete on the street they will have a good deer camp story for you...  Let your imagination run wild!